August 18, 2010

LISTEN/MUSIC: Ghsts N Guitars

My friend Dusty handed this to me at work today. If you've walked the sidewalks or rode the subway in NYC you have no doubt seen a busker or two.

From the flamenco quartets on the L train to late night classical pianist at West 4th, despite recent attempts to squash it, is still alive. Some mornings they are the last thing you want intruding on your commute and other times they can change your day for the better.

Dusty encountered James Joseph aka Ghsts N Guitars on a Manhattan bound F Train yesterday morning. For a handful of change donation he was given this CDR, Summer Mix 2010.

It's a fifteen minute three song daydream of mellow, reverb drenched surf guitar. Put your headphones on a drift away for a bit.

If your so inclined, head on over to Ghsts N Guitars website. While it won't give you much info on the artist behind the music, you can purchase the track for only $3.12 and help support truly independent music.

Ghsts N Guitars - Summer Mix 2010
Beach / Waitin 4 Love / No Goodbyes 


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